Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Because you can't have too many robots in the house. This cute little guy has a neat retro look. I have to get one of these. This would be good for your dashboard too. Maybe replace that cliche hula girl trend.

This is exactly the kind of item that I hope they dig up a thousand years from now, after an apocalypse, and mistake for an ancient God.

Worship your robot idol!

Check it out here.


Laura said...

Sooooooooo cool! I want one!!!
The website link thing isn't working though - bummer!

Cynthia/Picasso said...

Hey the link to that Bobble Head Timer isn't working.

I would really like to check it out. I need a timer where my computer is so I can set the timer for. about four hours LOL.


I get first dibs on it. Laura got her two cents in ahead of me cause I didn't know how to work this contact thing.

Conner Flynn said...

Hello girls...It is working now. He's a cute one!