Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More useless crap in space...Thanks Chewy!

Chewbacca hands off lukes lightsaber for NASA to take into space this October. Has everybody had enough of carrying useless crap into space? Can we not do this anymore? Can we, maybe get down to more serious business and explore the freakin cosmos please?

Who doesn't love Classic Star Wars? But c'mon guys. Get to work on delivering the future already.

Why not take up C3PO's gold metal balls while you're at it and see if they swell in zero gravity.

Check out Boing Boing for more....


Laura said...

Down with useless crap. I agree - let's get serious about space!
Hey....I do think the gold balls of the robot might be interesting to study....

Conner Flynn said...

Naughty. LOL