Friday, January 18, 2008

Novel Review: Piers Anthony - Bio Of A Space Tyrant

If you find yourself finished with the first novel and are disappointed at the small number of people who survive, don't worry, the ride is just beginning. The first volume will certainly make you put piracy in the proper perspective, and makes you wonder about the current refuge situation. Mercenary had some well thought out descriptions of space battles as well as how to put a crack team together from within any military structure, in order to put "the dream" in motion. Politician had a very clever description of the machinations of getting elected and it is VERY relevant today. In Executive we watch the "Tyrant" of the Jupiter put in some amazing reforms, and it is fantastic to watch it progress. Statesman saw the Tyrant in Exile scoping out an even larger dream, the great diaspora of the human race out into the stars beyond the solar system. Plenty of sex in all the novels. All handled well and is an integral part of the character.

One of the best series I have ever read. Quite different for Piers Anthony.

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